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This main topic is all about past, present and future change at the species level (e.g. genetic, behavioural) and/or ecosystem level (e.g. trophic ecology, hydrology).

For this topic the changes, if applicable, can have different abiotic/biotic and natural/human caused drivers.

There are 3 main sub-themes for postgraduate speakers to apply for, based on the location of their research;

1) Estuary/ Coastal environments

2) The Open Ocean (Pelagic and Demersal environments)

3) Abyssal/ Deep Sea environments

Here’s what people are saying about the MBA post graduate conference 

Here is what previous attendees have to say about the 2021 Exeter MBA conference

PhD student

Hariot-Watt University


A relaxed and motivational environment for all students

"The MBA Postgraduate Conference Exeter 2021 offered the possibility to discuss current scientific issues in a young, relaxed, and vibrant environment. .The organisers encouraged traditional or novel (e.g. "explaining my PhD to my Mum") poster format, which gave me the opportunity to present a poster to communicate science to a wider audience!"

PhD student

Liverpool University


Conferences can seem intimidating, but the MBA postgraduate conference was fun, friendly and interactive.

"I felt included and totally engaged. I especially enjoyed the interactive creative workshops around science communication which provided unique tips and tricks as a modern day academic. The conference was a safe space for young researchers to present their work and to connect with more senior academics. The experience has made me more confident to present my own work in a conference style setting."